A photo by purpurella

[From the SF archives, sometime last Spring 2012] This Th, I’m traveling to Oakland to visit the one & only @pixelina. This is the trip that kept getting postponed cos of my work schedule. Was ‘posed to happen in Nov ’12, pero no. Then early Dec, pero no tambien. With much plotting & scheming with that delicate flower Pixe, we settled on this Feb 2013 for THE VISIT! Since Dec, both Pixe & I have been counting down the days till we can be together again. Lol! There’s a whole lil crew up in the Bay whom I consider to be da homies & I hope to see during my visit. I’ll be introducing each one of them on my feed this week. I can’t wait for that beautiful amaze & talented Pixe to pick me up at the airport! Weeeeeeee! I get quality time with her before we set off on a whole series of adventures in the Bay. I haven’t seen her since Sep so she’s gonna get mad love & hugs from me! She’s a keeper! Lol She’s threatening to not let me come back home on Sun but she doesn’t know I’m kidnapping her & bringing her back to ElAy with me! #sf #sanfrancisco #streetart #streetarteverywhere #urban #urbanart #arteurbano #instagrafite #graffiti #graffitiart #wallart #wallporn #friends http://instagr.am/p/V5fskuCSCp/ February 19, 2013 at 03:59AM

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