j.viewz playing Teardrop with vegetables

Fabulous stuff … a classic tune remade using science!

The Vegetable Orchestra are also well worth checking out.  (there are a number of different V.O.s that have popped up, google it by clicking here

j.viewz playing Teardrop with vegetables from j.viewz on Vimeo.



Remember in childhood science classes there was that experiment where you all stood in a circle and held hands, formed a circuit and then lit a tiny LED in a ping-pong ball with the minute current that passes through your bodies? It was the one thing that completely blew my mind as a six-year-old scientist, but rather than do anything with the information I’d just been given, I forgot about it. Which is where J.Viewz and I clearly differ, because he held on to the magic of that technology and developed it into something bigger and better.

Using the same principles of circuit completion the New York musician has hooked up a bunch of vegetables that correspond to various samples on his synthesiser. By touching them and completing the circuit he can play them as instruments. Which is VERY cool indeed. So why not sit back and watch him play Massive Attack classic, Teardrop, with the aid of some strawberries and a carrot? Science, 18 years on you’re still blowing my mind.

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